Your Health Starts Here

Welcome to our new Souzao Enterprises Web site

Souzao Enterprises is a group of independent distributors authorized by various manufacturers to sell their health products. These products have a tremendous impact on various health conditions, body functions and body parts. Staggering developments in the science of nutritional supplementation have improved the metabolic absorption of key nutrients. By sharing our product line, we hope to offer you a sample of these breakthroughs in nutrition and promote natural alternatives to conventional therapies.

Souzao Enterprises went online for the first time in February 2001. In March 2014, Souzao Enterprises made some major upgrades to its Web site.


In March 2015, Souzao Enterprises has enhanced its shipping and payment process.

Our new products are brought:

  • to alleviate your allergies
  • for improving calcium uptake in the bone
  • for intestinal health
  • for burning fat
  • for stress management
  • to improve joint health
  • for central nervous system support
  • reduce the discomfort associated with migraines
  •  to help strengthen cell membrane integrity
  • to provide free form amino acids for disease prevention
  • for detoxifying and energizing herbs with minerals
  • as a dietary supplement with Aloe Vera and Pau d’Arco
  • to support the cardiovascular system
  • as a meal replacement for promoting weight loss
  • skin care products

Plans for our future Web design:

  • Installation of a shopping cart fully integrated with PayPal
  • Interface with the US Postal Service Web site to provide for a more accurate shipping charge
  • Interface with our UPS account to provide for a more accurate shipping charge
  • Option for additional carriers

In the near future, we will add more products and more features to our rejuvenated Web site to increase the quality of your interactive experience.